Sompting Village Primary School

School Uniform



All pupils must wear

  • Grey school trousers or a grey school skirt or a grey school “pinafore” dress

  • Plain white, collared polo shirt (preferably with school logo)

  • School royal blue cardigan or royal blue school round neck sweater (preferably with school logo)

  • Plain black school shoes

  • Plain black, grey or white socks or black or grey tights

  • A suitable coat on cold and wet days


Make Up and Jewellery

  • No make up is to be worn to school, including nail varnish

  • The only jewellery allowed in school is stud earrings


Optional extras

  • In the summer time, grey school and school-length shorts are acceptable, as are blue and white checked summer dresses

  • A sun hat or cap is appropriate during hot weather

  • It is always advised that your child wears sun lotion when needed

  • The school fleece is an outdoor item so may be worn during break times, including lunch break (if you are chilly indoors you will need the school sweater or cardigan)

  • Scarves, gloves and hats may be worn when it is cold

  • You may bring trainers with you each day to change into for break and lunch times


Additional Note

Please ensure all clothing and headwear is “appropriate”, e.g. skirts are an appropriate length, shoes are flat, headwear is not disco-wear (!), etc.


It is worth mentioning here that school trousers must be actual trousers, not leggings or tracksuit bottoms, and that any skirt or dress should also be a school skirt or dress (e.g. not lycra or other “clingy” materials) and should not be too short (particularly because we often sit on the floor for assemblies, etc.)


Please make sure all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child's name.


PE Kit


On PE days, you will not wear uniform to school but will wear your PE kit all day.


PE kit:

  • School royal blue PE t-shirt including logo
  • Plain navy PE shorts
  • School royal blue hoodie including logo for cold days (worn over the school PE t-shirt)
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms worn over the school PE shorts for cold days
  • Sensible sports trainers
  • Plain white socks (preferably sports but not long football socks)


Your PE kit is part of our uniform expectation and you should not be wearing casual sports clothing and “own choice” clothes. 


Over the past year, we have noticed a slip in standards regarding P.E. kit and uniform so please follow this guidance and make sure you are wearing the school P.E. kit, not just comfortable sports clothes and hoodies on P.E. days.


On sports club days, please follow the guidance provided in the separate club letters regarding the wearing of P.E. kit and changing in and out of this and school uniform. 


During P.E. lessons, long hair must be tied back and stud earrings removed.


Please ensure all items of P.E. kit are labelled with your child's name.



It is firmly recognised by the school that occasionally children have very specific diagnosed sensory needs.  In such circumstances, through dialogue between home, school and specialists, adjustments can be made to uniform requirements and/or P.E. kit requirements.  These must be agreed by the SEND department.


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First4Uniform is happy to add our school logo to uniform purchased from other retailers.