Sompting Village Primary School


Photos for wk beginning 6th July

Photos for week beginning 29th June

1GC Daisy W has been going on adventures.jpg
1GC Daisy W is very focussed on her reading.jpg
1GC Evie-Mia C has been picking her own strawberries!.jpg
1GC Evie-Mia C is doing lots of home learning.jpg
1GC Evie-Mia has been making sand castles.jpg
1RN Jasmine CW Learning about animal groups.png
1RN Jasmine CW Learning to tell the time.png
1RN Olivia H Doubles and 2 x table.png
1RN Olivia H Spelling days of the week and months of the year.png
1RN Olivia H Super geography.png
2MT Finlay enjoying his healthy fruit.png
2MT Finlay Spelling the weekly words.png
3NW Austin R Viking long boat 2.jpg
3NW Austin R Viking long boat.jpg
3SP Freddie I reading.png
3SP Freddie I with his fish he caught.png
3SP Freddie I working hard with his reading and writing.png
5SD Tom's underwater collage - beautiful!.png
Alice R 2SK Alice's good friend learning.png
RAN - Red W -  avery long repeating pattern caterpillar..JPG
RAN-Aubrey W made a beautiful butterfly using playdough..JPG
RAN-Claudia B-playing the Cabasa for our caterpillar song.JPG
RAN-Ellia R- a beautiful butterfly painting.JPG
RAN-Evie M - a fantastic life cycle of a butterfly..JPG
RAN-Frankie L- Fantastic life cycle of a butterfly..JPG
RAN-Jay K - a great repeating pattern caterpillar..JPG
RAN-Lexi C - made a fantastic butterfly using playdough..JPG
RAN-Lexi C, Ellia R & Frankie L - celebrating their birthdays in our bubble.JPG
RAN-Loki NT - great life cycle of a butterfly..JPG
RKC Harrison's crunching munching caterpillar.png
RKC Isla B has made the longest caterpillar ever!.png
RKC Layla L has loved learning about caterpillars.png
RKC Leyton H is very proud of his butterfly.png
RKC Olivia C has created a lovely butterfly.png
RKC Wilfred F enjoyed cutting out his caterpillar.png
RLH Amy's butterfly life-cycle.JPG
RLH Annabelle is reading tricky words!.JPG
RLH Ellis is putting on a show.JPG
RLH Freja is writing about butterflies.JPG
RLH Freja's butterfly life-cycle.JPG
RLH Jake is being Captain Hook!.JPG
RLH Maisie is writing about butterflies.JPG
RLH Maisie's butterfly life-cycle.JPG

Half Term Song Challenge

Still image for this video
We are so proud of Lyla who was the only pupil to take part in our half term song challenge.
Well done Lyla!!!

Children's home learning

1RN Jasmine C-W Fantastic Numbot work.png
1RN Lottie A Reading to her baby after school.png
1RN Olivia H Page 1 Dream story.png
1RN Olivia H Page 2 Dream story.png
1RN Olivia H Page 3 Dream story.png
1RN Olivia H Page 4 Dream story.png
2JA Josh B exploring the woods and creating a bird book.jpg
2MT Beth B having a birthday party.jpg
2MT Beth B making home made playdough.jpg
4EV Fin H enjoying hot chocolate.jpeg
4EV Fin H enjoying the view.jpeg
4EV Fin H surrounded by poppies.jpeg
5SD Clara experimenting with slime!.png
5SD Riley and his sister relax with a snack!.png
5SD Riley experimenting with conrflour slime!.png
5SD Tom's toffee cubes - yum!.png
RAN - Claudia B - concentrating on her handwriting.JPG
RAN -Aubrey W - writing a speech bubble..JPG
RLH Annabelle, Jenna and Maisie are making teen numbers.JPG
RLH Ellis playing board games.jpg
RLH Jake, Freja, Reuben and Ellis and making teen numbers.JPG
RLH Jenna growing her own tomatoes.jpg
RLH Layni, Amy and Mollie are making teen numbers.JPG
RMS Elsa P writing a speech bubble for Gretel.JPG
RMS following Inky Mouse's shell trail in the copse.JPG
RMS Franky W making teen numbers using numicon.JPG
RMS Keiran K colouring and collaging his 'Hansel and Gretel' gingerbread house.JPG
RMS Mackenzie C making a 0 to 20 number track.JPG
RMS Thea C writing a speech bubble for Gretel.JPG
RMS Willow B ordering the numicon from 1 to 10.JPG
Year 3 Eliza MM with her piece of story writing.jpg

Children's Home learning wk beginning 15th June

1GC Anthony MM practicing his number bonds.jpg
2MT Noah T having fun with bubbles.jpg
2MT Noah T making a lego Eiffel Tower.jpg
2MT Tristan G- baking some delicious cakes.png
2MT Tristan G- learning about the solar system.png
2SK Seth P made and cut up his 'fractions' cake.jpg
2SK Seth P working hard in the sunshine.png
4LW Lacey B doing fractions work.jpeg
5KN Aurora paddle boarding.jpg
Benjamin's rainbow Fish writing 1PE.JPG
RAN - Ellia R - collaging a sweetie house with sweets she has coloured and cut out..JPG
RAN - Evie M practised writing some of her tricky words in chalk.JPG
RAN - Jay K - throwing a quoit into a hoop during PE.JPG
RAN - Loki NT - throwing a quoit unto a hoop during PE.JPG
RAN - Red W - carefully colouring  to collage a sweetie house..JPG
RAN-Frankie L - cutting out very carefully ready to collage her sweetie house..JPG
RAN-Lexi C was proud of the repeating pattern she made that used 16 pieces!.JPG
RKC Evelyn is sequencing Hansel and Gretel.jpg
RKC Olivia C is working hard on her handwriting.jpg
RLH Freja, Jenna and Maisie are carefully cutting.JPG
RLH Jake and Annabelle are sticking neatly.JPG
RLH Jake and Reuben are off on their travels!.JPG
RLH Jenna and Amy are building - look at Jenna's fabulous tractor!.JPG
RLH Layni and Mollie are cutting carefully.JPG
RLH Mollie, Jenna and Ellis are building a house.JPG
RKC Harrison C is good at throwing quoits.png
RKC Leyton H and his sweetie house.png
RKC Skye M collaged a great troll.png
RKC Skye M Retelling the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.png
RKC Wilfred F is good at aiming.png

Children's photos for Wk Beg 8th June 2

2JA Joshua B enjoying the beach and spotting rockets.png
2JA Keira S enjoying Teddy School.png
2JA Keira S working on her golf skills.png
2JA Ricky L with Belle the snail.jpg
2JA Ronnie H with his delicious cakes.png
2JA Ronnie H writing so beautifully.png
2MT Noah T- researching the solar system.jpg
2SK Alice R Alice and her brother doing her home learning at the computer.png
3LG Ellyce C Egyptian mask.jpg
3LG Jen and Ellyce C recreating the River Nile.jpeg
3LG Jen C Egyptian mask.jpg
3SP Sonny A showing his fish he caught.jpg
4LW Ethan-Ross C Messy Drawer.jpeg
4LW Ethan-Ross C Tidy Drawer.jpeg
RAN Aubrey W - drawing and pastelling her imaginery troll.JPG
RAN Claudia B - carefully colouring a character from The Elves and the Shoemaker.JPG
RAN Claudia B - having fun jumping & hopping in & out of her hoop.JPG
RAN Evie M - Evie jumped as high as she could into & out of her hoop.JPG
RAN Frankie L used chalk to write some of her tricky words.JPG
RAN Jay K carefully colouring characters from The Three Billy Goats Gruff to make finger puppets.JPG
RAN Lexi C & Ellia R making up a tune together using the instruments.JPG
RAN Loki NT retelling The Three Billy Goat gruff story using stick puppets he made.JPG
RAN Red W writing a speech bubble for the little Billy Goat Gruff.JPG
RKC Azan A ordered objects by length.jpg
RKC Bella B went on a bridge hunt.png
RKC Harrison C made a super bridge.jpg
RKC Olivia C drew a scary  troll.jpg
RLH Amy with her troll under the bridge.JPG
RLH Annabelle jumping over her hoop.JPG
RLH Austin G - Chocolate cupcakes.jpg
RLH Austin G - Flower drawing.jpg
RLH Austin G - Troll acrostic poem.jpg
RLH Ellis M - A bridge for the Billy Goats Gruff.jpg
RLH Ellis M - Looking for crab shells.jpg
RLH Ellis with his troll under the bridge!.JPG
RLH Freja hulla-hooping.JPG
RLH Jake Hulla-hooping.JPG
RLH Jenna M -  Rabbit dot to dot.jpg
RLH Jenna with her troll and bridge.JPG
RLH Layni with her bridge and troll.JPG
RLH Mollie hulla-hooping.JPG
RLH Reuben with him bridge and troll!.JPG
RMS Elsa P made 'Three Billy Goats Gruff' stick puppets.JPG
RMS Keiran K drew and coloured with wax crayons his imaginary troll.JPG
RMS Mackenzie C building robots with popoids.JPG
RMS Thea C drawing her imaginary troll.JPG
RMS Willow B practising handwriting and tricky words.JPG

Children's photos for week 8th June

1PE Jacob Jordan's owl mask.jpg
2MT Finlay P- baking scones.jpg
2MT Finlay P- DIY at home.jpg
2MT Tristan- art mosaic.jpg
2MT Tristan- poster for collecting rubbish.jpg
2MT Tristan-having fun in the sea.jpg
3LG Advik S - cupcakes for dads work team.jpg
3LG Advik S - family tile.jpg
3LG Advik S - recreating Harry Potter book cover.jpg
3NW Austin R - Vegetable self portrait.jpg
5KN Jack C creating giant art Mondrian Style.jpg
5KN Neve T investigating the science of paper folding.jpg
5KN Sapphire P Art with no straight lines.jpg
5KN Sapphire P Yr5 Growing veg.jpg
6SB Louis W having a cuddle his dog Dipper.jpg
6SB Quinn R's abstract vegetable version of himself!.jpg
RKC Azan A - Great writing!.png
RKC Azan A built a bridge for his goats.png
RKC Evelyn C retelling the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.png
RKC Isla B is waiting for a party.png
RKC Jake G's Troll.png
RKC Layla L is amazing at handwriting.png
RKC Leigh-Marie is on Mum's bike.png
RKC Leyton H is brilliant at ordering by size.png
RKC Lucus C is making his puppets.png
RKC Oliver M is making rock cakes.png
RKC Oliver really loves trolls!.png
RKC Oliver running in the fields.png
RKC Skye M sewed a beautiful shoe.png
RKC Skye M sorted out all the pairs of shoes.png
RKC Tianna M is feeding the ducks.png
RKC Tianna M is riding her new bike.png
RKC Wilfred F is cutting his puppets out.png
RLH Samuel R is 5.jpg
RLH Samuel R playing in the sand pit.jpg

Children's Photos for week 1st June

1GC Chima 1PE Emeka 3NW Chisom at the beach.jpg
1GC Chima and 1PE Emeka.jpg
1RN Denis A Rainbow fish.png
1RN Eddie B Fishy fun.png
1RN Indy W Rainbow fish fun at school.png
1RN Jasmine CW Lovely time on the beach.png
1RN Lily-Belle DR  Fushy fun.png
1RN Lola MW Amazing baking.png
1RN Lola MW Busy learning.png
1RN Lottie A Fishy fun.png
1RN Oivia H Beautiful artwork.png
1RN Olivia H So proud of her maths.png
1RN Olivia H Super Science work.png
1RN Paige W Amazing skills.png
1RN Paige W Yummy cooking.png
1RN Sophia W Rainbow fish.png
2MT Beth B Exploring woods 2.jpg
2MT Beth B Washing up capacity.jpg
2MT Eloise S Art clay work.jpg
2MT Eloise S learning about teeth.jpg
2SK Amy S digging at PYO.png
2SK Amy S holding a butterfly that has just hatched from its cocoon.png
2SK Freja doing a wordserach.png
2SK Freja practising her timestables.png
4LW Indeya A Entry for Highdown Goblet Competition.jpg
RAN Aubrey W - designed an amazing fancy shoe.jpg
RAN Ellia R - used her hands and the lid of the playdough container to create a delicious playdough cake..jpg
RAN Evie M - created a face using playdough.jpg
RAN Frankie L - created a great snowman using playdough.JPG
RAN Jay K - having fun on the bike..JPG
RAN Lexi C  - a beautiful design for her very own shoe..jpg
RAN Loki  NT- having fun with playdough, cutting out his own circle and  rolling out a long snake..jpg
RAN Red W - created a tiny bird with a pointed beak, eyes,wings and  legs  out of playdough..jpg
RKC Bella Telling the time.png
RKC Bella What amazing sewing!.png
RKC Evelyn Happy biking!.png
RKC Harrison C Looking after baby!.png
RKC Jake G sewing shoes for teddy!.png
RKC Jake G Tricky word time.png
RKC Layla Super scooting!.png
RKC Leyton can throw so high.png
RKC Lucas C  What careful balancing!.png
RKC Olivia C What a great bike rider!.png
RKC Wilfred F What a catch!.png
RLH Austin and Tristan G collecting rubbish left at the beach.png
RLH Austin and Tristan G rockpooling.png
RLH Austin G sewing his own shoe design.png
RLH Austin G surfing.png
RLH Ellis and Jenna M picnic in their den.png
RLH Ellis M new paddle board.png
RLH Jenna M ray on the beach.png
RMS Elsa P - being a Shoemaker and designing a shoe.JPG
RMS Franky W - super hula hooping.JPG
RMS Keiran K - playing with the dinosaurs.JPG
RMS Mackenzie C -  enjoying the outdoor area.JPG
RMS Thea C - having fun on the bike.JPG
RMS Willow B - super hula hooping.JPG
RSD Jake and Reuben racing cars!.JPG
RSD Jenna, Mollie, Ellis, Reuben and Annabelle popping up!.JPG
RSD Layni and Freja building towers!.JPG
Year 2 Mya A Page 1 Entry For The Authorfy Funny Story Competition.jpg
Year 2 Mya A Page 2 Entry For The Authorfy Funny Story Competition.jpg
Year 3 Mia D Front Cover of her story.jpeg
Year 3 Mia D's made up Monster.jpeg
Year 4 Amelie N Afternoon stoll.jpg
Year 4 Amelie N Home made clock.jpg
Year 4 Amelie N Kayaking.jpg
Year 4 Amelie N World Map.jpg
Year 4 Amelie N Yummy Bagels!.jpg
Year 4 Amelie Shoe box habitat.jpg
Year 4 Maya E Gaining confidence on her bike.jpg
Year 4 Maya E Playing mini golf.jpg

Home Learning Photos

1GC Chimamanda O Playing.jpg
1GC Chimamanda O Princess Chima.jpg
1GC Chimamanda O Working hard in the kitchen.jpg
2MT Eloise Scott camping.jpg
2MT Oscar S butterflies being released.jpg
2MT Oscar S butterflies.jpg
2SK Amy S built a snake model.jpg
2SK Amy S making cupcakes for her cafe 'Crumbs and Sips'.jpg
2SK Amy S with brother and sister doing Joe Wicks workout.jpg
2SK Lucas C rainbow words.jpg
2SK Noah M Pokemon week activities.jpg
3LG Chris K addition colour by numbers.jpg
3LG Chris K injury after falling off bike.jpg
3LG Chris K wordsearch.jpg
3NW Amelia-Rose G cake making.jpg
3NW Reece P Motocross outfit.jpg
4ev Emily W FLoating around (1).jpg
4ev Emily W FLoating around (2).jpg
4ev Emily W FLoating around (3).jpg
4ev Frankie J camping with brothers  (1).jpg
4ev Frankie J drawing world map.jpg
4ev Frankie J leaf rubbing whilst on a tree.jpg
6SB  Lewis J's chalk graffitti at home.jpg
6SB Lewis and his brothers enjoying time in the garden.jpg
6SB Lewis J out Pokemon hunting with his family.jpg
6SB Lewis waiting for the rocket launch.jpg
6SB Zac M and his nature creatures.jpg
6SB Zac M's nature creatures.jpg
Amy 2sk baking at her cafe 'crumbs and sips'.png
Amy S 2sk amy and her 3d snake.png
Amy S 2sk Amy doing daily yoga.png
Harrison's cat Alfie 1PE.jpeg
Isla playing trains in the sun.png
Isla relaxing in the sun.png
Michael going kayaking with dad 1PE.JPG
RKC Azan A is keeping fit.png
RKC Azan A used henna to paint his hand.png
RKC Azan and his mum.png
RKC Bella B half term week.png
RKC Isla counting in 2s.png
RKC Isla gingerbread man.png
RKC Isla speech bubble writing.png
RKC Leyton baking.png
RKC Leyton cutting grass.png
RKC Leyton dinosaur land.png
RKC Leyton gingerbread man.png
RKC Lucas country walk.png
RKC Lucas crab.png
RKC Lucas rock pooling.png
RKC Mackenzie gingerbread writing.png
RKC Olivia at beach.jpg
RKC Olivia beach.jpg
RKC Willow gingerbread baking.png
RKC Willow gingerbread family.png
RLH Aubrey W Luna new puppy.png
RLH Aubrey W Luna pup.png
RLH Layni H bug hotel writing.png
Rosie F and her delicious cupcakes.png

SVPS Staff Happy Video!!!!!!!!

Still image for this video